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That cover is amazing, I keep coming back to this just to hear it

Very good

Animation was amazing as always, your detail, colours and motions are just great, you put an incredible amount of time into this one and I got nothing but respect brotha. Backgrounds were also slick. The jokes themselves are silly but I find em funny, I think your writing/comedic timing is improving, but with just a bit more tightening up or whatever, it could be even better. try not to fall into the normal parody writing tropes too much.

I feel like you could inject more of your own character into it! Like ryuko wacking mako was great, I want more of that. I also feel like the visuals were almost too good for the cartoon itself yknow? I mean it's funny but it's dumb, yet the animation is like studio quality. but hey, I'm sure you know that better than I do, and that's a compliment really lol. great work man, keep it up. your one talented motherfucker

Carmet responds:

Thank you man! I feel like the general issue with this one was that everything else was made as a frame work for the last joke(s), so everything before that wasn't really well thought out.
I thought that it wouldn't be an issue since this was just going to be a ''relatively quick parody cartoon'' but whoops.

If I feel like making more parodies in the future, I do wanna make em more unique/put my own spin on it, but I think I focus more on original stuff from now on, unless I come up with an idea that I really like.

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ahh.. lifelong dream finally comes tru

yeah im not downloading a font, fuck you guys.

I did the hank route, it was fuckin everything I ever dreamed of, I got the ending and then my game crashed.

5 stars

ninjamuffin99 responds:

the game crashing is canon

also based

very simple, yet very fun. the takeaway here are the visuals, you did a great job Nick, very expressive and I love all the little details that pop up in the environment. Carmet ur music is real chill and works well. im sure Brandy did something for this game aswell because hes credited, but i couldnt figure out what, so I won't be praising him today

great job guys! one thing though, is it just me or does the game lag a lil at times? is it just my shitty laptop? It's probably just my shitty laptop

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Shit this Mario party glitchen out wtf keeps playing these sound fx

aw man I wanna ANIMATE this

Woulda been funnier if the audio quality got more and more crushed as it went along

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I'm still tryna figure out what the hands below are tryna symbolise... Is it the unrelenting public trying to grasp at perfection?

this is amazing

love the linework on this one

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