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Happy New Year's and all that NG!!

look forward to some juicy stuff from me in 2019, including my next cartoon, Duncan & Jones

Episode One of a new web series I'm doing, that's right, Episode One

remember this piece of shit I did back in December last year?



yeah I don't know what the fuck that is either, I made it and I still have no idea what I was thinking. the way you can't hear any of the voice acting and how there's virtually no sound effects and the ones that are there are way too loud. the reasoning behind all that actually is because I tried doing all the Sound FX in Flash back when I was doing it, but when I tried exporting it as a .SWF there was just too much shit in the flash file that it would not export. So I panicked and got rid of all .wav files (besides the voice acting) and downloaded this weird free piece of shit video editor thing that I didn't know how to use and did all the sound FX there.

And well I mean, you can see how all that turned out.

anyways, that cartoon is an embarassment that I would honestly rather just completely forget about, so chronologically I'll be counting it as Episode 0 of Duncan & Jones. the pilot, but not really even.


with that out of the way, now that I feel I'm better equipped as an animator and that I know more about this stuff in general now, I've been working on the animatic for THE REAL Duncan & Jones for about three months approx. now, and I just completed it earlier this month. I'm honestly very proud of it so far and I'm having alot of fun doing the animation. so far it stands to be about 7 minutes long, without the 45 seconds ish intro animation! my longest thingy yet..


 Some snippits from the animatic, please excuse the colours, Flash 8 never likes exporting nice colours into gifs for some reason


as I'm animating the first cartoon I've begun writing the second one, It's honestly the most fun shit, I love putting in all these jokes I've had in my head and writing these funny little stories and I can't wait for everyone to see them. I have to thank @HenryEYES and @Carmet for helping me animating and cleaning up some shots and making the production a bit faster.

my good friend @Thriftman is voicing Jones as always and @doggenhausen is voicing a new character too, they've both done fantastic jobs and they deserve your hugs and kisses.


Well anyways, that's about it. if you've read all this then thank you! and look forward to Duncan & Jones, debuting this year!


some crappy little poster I scribbled, I shouldn't have made the ''DUNCAN'' a red colour but FUCK IT


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