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Hello, hello...

i've been around the world and back but I'm here now and alive, still, I think!

i'd like ta write a little about what I've been upto and what's goin on... ya dig...?


It was so fun being back in Toronto again! love that city so much, but not enough to actually land there... turns out my flight was taking me to HAMILTON, which is 2 hours away from the main city of Toronto! I didn't realize this until I got to my connecting flight in Iceland, so woops! apparently Toronto has 2 major airports, who knew..?

but I made my way to the city (thanks CAM!) and chilled out. Then I lost my voice out of nowhere. Couldn't speak for like, 3 days before the meetup! I had to write little cue-cards to tell people at the shops and restaurants what I wanted while everyone around me explained to everyone that I was just really shy and had no english!

like damn... what's next?

Luckily, day of the theater event I was back to my ol' breathy voiced self. the day before, me and @ninjamuffin99 went for a walk down the street the event was happening and we saw it. The sign had been put up and it was glorious.

to see NEWGROUNDS ANIMATION on a real-life theater marquee was beyond surreal and awesome. I felt a jolt of spirit and energy reinvigorate my body!


The feature presentation

it was a fantastic day. first hung around the park and everyone came in droves! The pages of my sketchbook got filled up super fast with doodles, and I went around doodlin in whoever offered their sketchbook to me and chatted with a buncha cool people.

we eventually made it to the theater and man oh man, it was electric! whipped out the ol' 3DS and hosted a game of Mario Kart DS before the feature show began and everyone was getting to their seats, which was fun as hell and took me back. I got more streetpasses that day than I think I've gotten in my whole life!

Everything in the showing was a hit, and to see it all with an audience on the big screen just felt right. everythin from the atmospheric to the funny, the action-packed and Dat Weasel was a non-stop injection of pure fun and everything got a good reaction out of everyone.

To have such an impactful work like Punch Punch Forever! debut so close to the event and to catch it on the big screen, with a crowd of super hyped-up fans singing along to the opening was a sight to behold and I'll never forget it.

afterwards we made our way to the local anime bar that played One Piece and bootleg Dragonball Z flash animations (you know, every town has one) and hung around, drinkin and makin merry.


hangin with @Luis n' @Wandaboy again, got to meet @POSTBOY, @TomFulp and @arkoirisangel for the first time!

it was rad to hang with old friends and meet fresh faces. everyone was so chill and cool. I got to talk about Yakuza games with the voice of Tangy Mustard, took shots with old-time rivals @MikelzNG and @Alexmigo (love and peace!)

and put a bunch of faces to the cool artists floating around on here.

people like @Magibauble, @Wailer, @BrandyBuizel, @elikapika, @coby, @gachakoi, @pollyanoid, plus everyone else.. it was nice meetin ya!


Alien Hominid and the Lunar Kicks mechanic, as drawn by @TomFulp

That day was just a non-stop rush. The rest of my trip was spent chillin with my friends, playin Dragon Quest 9 with @Cadaver, explorin the city, singin karaoke. Wanda even expressed his love for Tokusatsu in a destructive feat that the country of Canada is still mourning and recovering from.

The day I left for the airport I also snuck in a quick encounter with @PhantomArcade, thank you for the gyoza!

I feel so lucky to be able to spend time with the people that inspire me the most, it was a rollickin good time. Hope I get to see everyone again next year!

Skelti Castle

after recovering from my travels, I've gotten straight back into drawing. I just released Chapter 6 of my one-shot comic Skelti Castle not too long ago, so give it a read if ya please! this comic has been a really fun and chilled-out little thing to work on when I don't have any major projects getting in the way.

check it out:

coming up with the story and drawing the characters has been fun and I'm happy with how its goin so far, people seem to dig it! i'm glad if anyone gets even a chuckle out of it.

Scack's adventure with the crew is just over halfway done now, with 4 more chapters left for me to draw. To everyone who's been readin along so far, THANK YOU!

I hope with each chapter I improve my drawings and make it better than the last.

my only ambition with the comic at the moment is that I'd like print physical copies of the whole one-shot once it's done. I just think reading a physical comic feels so much cooler and to have a real, self-contained little story in your hands would be the coolest thing! This comic and most of my work is just about me drawing cool things I like in scenarios I think are funny.


special thanks again to @arkoirisangel for letting me use her sugoi drawing of MUNT on the back cover!

I already printed 20 prototypes of just the first 5 chapters to get a feel of what it would look like and it's pretty damn cool already. I gave em away to a few friends and whoever wanted one, I lost a chunk of money but it was worth it - just to hold it in my hands! This was just a test so I don't really plan on printing more of these unless there's real interest. I'd want to try and make the full book once the comic is complete, and stuff it with concept sketches, write-ups and whatever fun things I can think to add. what do you think?

so yeah.. please check out the comic if your interested! keep readin it here on NG, I don't post it anywhere else so tell your friends about it!



Heeeeeyy.. are you an animator or a damn comic artist? Make up ur mind! it's not like Miyazaki drew the Nausicaa manga solely because he wanted to make it a film and basing it off a pre-existing manga was the only way to get it funded....

There has been some secret stuff I've been animating but other than that, I haven't been animating personal works that much at all this year, which is cool by me after the toll Lunar Kicks took on me...

But what's cool too is that next month I'll be starting work as an animator at Studio Meala, which if you don't know is a pretty cool hand-drawn 2D animation studio that's based in the west of Ireland, not too far from where I live!

i'm pretty excited to get started! with a new job will come a new routine, and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can learn and drawing some cool animation. STUDY! STUDY! STUDY!!


anyway, you see the trailer for GOOD BURGER 2? HOLY SHIT. uh...

so yeah, that's about it. Seeya

(MoistCr1tikal reference, if u didn't kno. Oh u don't kno? yeah, I watched him back in like the CSGO days, but he's pretty cool now too I guess. now that he's... popular. I watch his vids like, everyday when I'm sippin on my midnight instant ramen and diet coke. his takes are pretty much never wrong ykno, he just keeps it real and I pretty much get all my movie recommendations from him... yeah. Oh I mean, sure, I guess his humour isn't for everyone I mean I guess u gotta really be in the kno to like.. ''get it'', nam sayin'? like, his wordplay is just... ykno I heard he has a masters in english literature? hah... yeah, so like...)


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