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Hey hey Newgrounds,

I've been doing a whole bunch of junk all over the place so I've decided to make a lil news post just to round stuff up. First off!


My new Webcomic!

A while back I started a webcomic right here on Newgrounds. Yes, right here! Using the new feature I can now cram 10 pages of content into a single art piece. Bless you based Fulp.

Chip's Quest is a poorly drawn fantasy webcomic I'm currently writing about this chill little guy called Chip. It's set in a fantasy setting with some modern elements to it. The basic gist is that after having his hometown destroyed by a demon, Chip and some new friends set out on an adventure to destroy a demon infused robot hellbent on fusing his robotic race with underworld forces to create a hellish army so he can perfect the world.

That's the most I can give away at the moment because I've only just started, so the comic is still in it's early stages, but I have big plans for this story. I just released Chapter Three earlier today so please give it a read and also follow the account if you want to read every chapter as it releases.

Chapter Three of Chip's Quest

Follow Chip's Quest here! please

The reason there's a separate account dedicated to this one project of mine is due to me not wanting to clutter up my art section with chapters, It's just easier to read this way.

Other stuff

Yeah alright so I've been doing some stuff and things the past few days.


I helped my friend @Carmet with his new cartoon. I wrote some lil jokes and even did a terrible voice for it. Go watch it, it's great!

A Couple of Crickets

I was apart of the latest A Couple of Crickets podcast, it was a community episode where they had me and and a bunch of other cool people call in and do little interviews! PsychoGoldfish said it ruined everything he liked about the podcast, so that's how you know it's really good.


I released a tiny SuperMega animation last week, it's nothing much but I had fun making it. Also, it's frontpaged now? wtf? And ShoeNan is gone? god damn it newgrounds

I also released the intro to Duncan & Jones, that's nice.

Collabs, collabs, collabs

Christ I overdosed on these. I was apart of the Rawest Forest Collab which was pretty cool, and I'm also apart of an upcoming Ninja Sex Party collab, so look out for that.

That's it I think! I'm still working on Duncan & Jones, there really isn't anything new I can say about that, It's being made and it's taking forever, but it'll be out. Eventually. In the meantime, please read my webcomic, I'm pouring my heart and soul into it, I love doing it and I have such a vision for it (sorry, that sounds faggy)

I love you Newgrounds and also DRINK WATER!!


'' I've stories to tell that stay locked in my brain

And I don't know how I'll get them OUT''


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