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Posted by Snackers - December 20th, 2020

Yo. Duncan & Jones 3 came out yesterday.

what a wild ride. There is WAY too much to talk about lol. I'm really glad people are liking it, it took so long to come out. This one was technically in the works all year, January 1st I started the storyboard and since then I was working on it on and off. I took breaks to work on other stuff like the FF7 cartoon and other bullshit, mainly because COVID actually effected the production of it in some ways, so I tried to keep myself busy.

There was so much scrapped shit in the episode. We voiced the entire cartoon and I did like a minute and a half of storyboards until I got accepted into the FF7 Collab around February. so I took a break from this project and got to work on that one instead. When I finished work on the FF7 toon I found that when I came back to Duncan 3 I really wasn't happy with any of it, so I ended up throwing out all the storyboards and voice work we had done and rewrote the script from scratch.

We ran into problems then, though. COVID showed up and fugged everything up, I had no mic and I couldn't go to Teddy's house to re-record the episode. So for a long time we were kinda stuck, me not being able to do much without voice-lines. I story boarded most of it without voice-lines which I actually quite enjoyed, but once I finished that I found myself with not much to do.

it was around then I think that I made that little Resident Evil 4 cartoon just to make something. more on that later.

Eventually me n Ted were able to record and I got to grindin on the toon. The idea for the villain, Rondald ''CHEST SCAR'' Slimeon, came from a doodle me and Teddy did randomly one day in school.


The oldest drawing I could find of Rondald, dating around January 2019.

From what I remember, Teddy drew the face, I drew the disgustingly contorted body, and then Teddy added the stupid I LOVE ANAL tattoo. I remember we both thought it was hilarious and I just kept thinking 'man I gotta make this a Duncan & Jones villain.'

so when it came to making a third cartoon I was just like fuck it, we had this shitty character we designed, I threw him in and started coming up with a little story for him to work in.

I knew I wanted to work with someone new when it came to voicing the character. I had really become a fan of @wavetro's work, I really admired the dude's consistency and Andy and Bulb is one of my favourite things on this website. I just hit em up and yeah man, they just went for it, gave me some voicelines real quick. Wavetro's voice does not fit the look of the character at all and that's some of my favourite shit, so it worked out really good in the end. I'm very proud to be the first blemish on his profile of snazzy thumbnails lol


everyone who helped me out on the toon is a bro and half. @MKMaffo's like the biggest duncan & jones fan out there, her animated background characters are so fulla personality, make me smile every time.

@Carmet's work impressed me in the way it blended in so seamlessly with the rest of the cartoon, most talented dude I know and he managed to have some really slick animation that didn't stick out.

everything in the cartoon fits together so nicely tho, I had alot of help from alot of different people, but even stuff like Maf's background characters, with her distinct style, it still clicked and fit in a really cool way that ended up creating somethin super rad and unique I think.

shout-outs to @Dogl for his cool ass blender shot, would love to fiddle with that stuff more. shout-outs @irri for his sweet backgrounds, and shout-outs @Wandaboy for animating Jones dad jumpin out the window.

the music, maan. LMAO. @ninjamuffin99 agreed to sign on for music ages ago, but there wasn't a single song put into the cartoon until literally the day it premiered I think. what a stressful day. 2 weeks prior, @BrandyBuizel told me about a cool plan to premiere duncan 3 LIVE through the Tankmas ADVENTure. sound sick, so I tell him FUCK YEA! DECEMBER 19TH! LET'S GO!

setting a release date for anything you work on is like, never a good idea really. especially if your working with other people, you just never know what can happen. but fuck it man, I had to get this thing out before Christmas! All that was left to do at that point really was Sound Effects, Irri's Backgrounds and Cams music.

one thing I didn't plan for was @ninjamuffin99 releasing a literal viral hit of a game during the production of this. Friday Night Funkin kinda took over his life and I was worried he wouldn't be able to do music for this. I kept telling him that if he needed to drop that he should just let me know, I didn't want to pressure him to do a soundtrack with all the shit that he had goin on. But the man insisted, kept telling me he'd clutch it and have a final render with music done for me.

by god, he clutched it. I was worried the last few days before release since I really hadn't seen much of anything cam did for the cartoon, just kept getting responses around the lines of 'yeah no easy, ez, clutch clutch swag swag''

but, the day of the release, despite everything he had goin on, there cam was, hustling all day just knocking out music, using old ideas and throwing in shit and filling up the, besides sfx, pretty empty sounding toon with lovely music. I was majorly impressed, there's some cool shit in there, and it was all thrown in pretty rushed all things considered.

the final render was done like, 10 MINUTES before it was supposed to premiere. we didn't hit 6pm EST on the dot, but we were god damn close enough. There really is a magic in all this.


what a year. really went through some shit, we all have, but a lot of personal shit popped up in my life as well. Things happened that I still haven't healed from, developed a lot of trust issues BS and other dumb shit.

that resident evil cartoon was made around the time some major bad shit was goin on. It was my way of trying to move on without fully facing my problems in a way, to just keep going and try to make stuff, and I think it shows in how lame that cartoon really is. I remember sending Dave a script for it, he pitched in with an idea for a funnier ending which I liked, so I went with it, but the execution just wasn't good. I just wasn't in the state to be makin funny stuff then I think, something I've learned this year is just don't try n force shit man, let yourself recover if your dealin with stuff.

me head hurts, I've written alot. too much, probably. The reception to Duncan & Jones 3 has been great to hear, seeing the amount of people show up to the premiere overwhelmed me and warmed my heart to the max. I really hope I can keep making more, and make a cool Newgrounds cartoon people can look up to, I wanna show off the magic of this place and the how fucking awesome the creators are. A modern NG cartoon to be proud of! If I can do that, I'd be happy.

thank you for reading, if you read this all. Newgrounds has changed my life, man. to everyone reading this, keep going, push yourself and be the best you can be! just FFFUCKIN DO IT, YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


Art by @FuShark



Posted by Snackers - September 11th, 2020

Thank you, you lovely little dotes. <3

Here's a little peek at Duncan & Jones 3, which should be coming out sometime in the next three months.



Posted by Snackers - June 12th, 2020

Howya. Thought I'd write a lil thing just to give an update on all the stuff i'm working on. Busy busy!


My cartoon for the Final Fantasy 7 collab is pretty much done, you can look forward to seeing that whenever the hell the collab comes out. should be soon enough, It'll definitely be worth the wait. It's gonna be SWAG



In the meantime I've been working on a little Resident Evil 4 cartoon. It's super small yet I've been spending too much time on it. that should also hopefully be coming out super soon, if it doesn't I'll eat a frog



Cancelled episode 2 is coming out this Monday, June 15th, i think. I voice Will in it and it's looking really cool, be sure to watch that and follow @Palkoark, you big loser



right then, this is the big one. Why the fuck am I working on a resident evil cartoon when I should be working on Duncan 3? Idk mom cause I WANT TO, GET OFF MY BACK!!

alright well REALLY, it's kind of because me and @Thriftman couldn't reeeally record the lines up until recently, since I don't have a mic and well, I couldn't really go to his house cause of all the virus stuff. so I finished the storyboard back in April, and finished some animation for a few non-dialogue action shots. but, with no voices to work with, I dropped it for a while and without anything to do, I decided to pick up a lil resident evil 4 cartoon cuz that game is amazing and I love it.

But now that cartoons nearly finished, and with covid restrictions slowly lifting in Ireland, me and Ted can record for it now. We were actually gonna do it 2 days ago but we ran into some problems with his mic and the PC and shit, we're still tryna figure it out but when we do we'll record the cartoon and get back to work on it full-time!

I don't wanna reveal who quite yet, but I got a special-guest voice actor on board..

Anyways yeh, that's it. more shit coming out from me soon. stay safe out there, alotta shit happenin out there huh?

Byebye <3




Posted by Snackers - December 14th, 2019

Earlier this week Duncan & Jones 2 came out! If you haven't already, go watch it here:

I thought I'd do a little blog thing and talk about the making of this one, I would've done this sooner but I'm currently in the process of trying to get the PC I built to work, so I'm kinda stressed out atm lol.

Anyway, this one took 4 months to make, which is much shorter than the rough 7 or so months I spent on the first one. Which is funny cuz I think this one is much higher quality than the first, guess that shows improvement, but also mostly I think better management of time. I've gotten better more efficient at doing things, I hope I can carry that out in the

future to make episodes faster.

It also helped that I didn't have to work on a full 1 minute animated intro that I don't even like anymore lol, I didn't use it in this one because I think it's already outdated, and I didn't want to extend the length of the cartoon with something that I personally would skip every time.

So yeah, things went alot smoother this time. I wrote the script, did the voices and started work on the animatic. One of the first things I did was do up some model/design idea sheets for the new guys that'd appear in this episode.


These are some (horrible) first sketches for Doogle. I was originally gonna go for more of tough-guy kinda scum fella, the type of guy you'd see walkin around Dublin wearing a beanie. Then I changed my mind and decided to go for more of a weirdo/loser anime type guy. These sketches are kind of like those two ideas meeting together in the middle, and it's gross.


Here's where I think I nailed the final design down. I really liked the idea of this mysterious, intimidating edgy lookin guy that seems all cool, but then you realise ''Oh, his name is fuckin DOOGLE, this guys a loser''. And he is.


Here's the initial sketches for the big dude. He literally doesn't have a name, in the script I just referred to him as ''BIG FUCK''. I remember showing these sketches to my dad, and all he said was ''That's Ninja Turtles''. I was so confused at first but then I realised that this guy does kinda look like some Ninja Turtles character. He's not an important character at all so I guess it doesn't really matter lol


Here's the sheet for those two thugs that appear alongside Big Fuck (I think we started calling him Brock or something actually? Idk). Flash glitched out and didn't let me fully colour the guy on the right so that's why that's like that hehe. I do wanna take up a philosophy where no matter how minute a background character is, I want him to have somewhat of a unique design. I don't mean overly-design everyone, but just make them not look plain and with no thought put into em, ya dig? I wanna take this up more in future episodes for sure.


And finally here's the robot guy. Not much to say about this one, just designed a simple robot that I thought would be easy enough to animate while still lookin kinda cool.

You might have noticed that Duncan & Jones's designs have also changed slightly. This is just to make them more bouncy and expressive, I think it looks alot more pleasing. Similarly, something I wanna improve on is making the animation more fun to watch and expressive in general, while not using a million frames. I look to inspirations like Lupin III or stuff that Trigger does in anime like Kill la Kill, dynamic poses, using limited animation to the effect of comedy, all sorts of stuff like that I wanna employ to make it so that I can pump episodes out in a somewhat decent time-frame while also keep it fun to look at. I also wanna try and make some shorter episodes, so keep an eye out for that.

In general, I'm gonna make sure things start to run more smoothly. We had a few issues on the audio side with this one when we first published, @dogl and @ninjamuffin99 got into a few disagreements with the audio mixing and music, I heard Cam ended up punching Dogls girlfriend and they don't talk to eachother anymore or something? I dunno, point is we got it fixed eventually and we replaced the NG file so it's all good. I was just too giddy and uploaded the cartoon before Cam got a chance to hear Dogls final audio render, that's another thing I need to work on lol, PATIENCE.

I have a ton of inspirations. Stuff like @ChutneyGlaze's cartoons or @aalong64's Sublo & Tangy Mustard series, while they don't inspire Duncan & Jones directly, just the fact that these independent creators are making their own original web-cartoons on a consistent basis really inspires me, and I wanna get to that level someday. I think Duncan & Jones is a very flexible format, and I wanna use it as a catalyst to try new things and improve.

As for more direct inspirations, as you can probably tell, alot of buddy-cop stuff and action movies. Also weirdly, Eurobeat. It mightn't be so prevalent now but for the world and action and stuff, I wanna inject more Eurobeat flavour into it, if that makes any sense. No, no it doesn't. WHATEVER. I also wanna get better at backgrounds n stuff so I can make the world look all cool and futurey, not necessarily cyberpunk, but I want alot of neon and electronics.

And that's about all I have to say about that. This year was very good for me I think. I'm always so thankful for Newgrounds and my friends on here, for giving me the opportunities to make what I love. Seriously, @TomFulp and the rest of the NG team, can't thank ye enough.

This ended up being a very long post so if you read it all, thank you! Look forward to more Duncan & Jones in the future, 2020 should be a good year. Christmas Special? Yes. Halloween Special? Yes. Pico Day Special? Hell yeah, I wanna do all of those eventually lmao. But not all in one year obviously

Thanks for reading, and thanks for watching my cartoons. Have a Merry Christmas Newgrounds!!




Posted by Snackers - September 15th, 2019

I'm doing commissions!

Last time I did commissions I got a whopping ONE customer!!

WOAH!! Thank you so much you guys!! Can we aim for 2 this time?!?!



I can also do Profile Pictures for like 10 euros too!!

oh yeah, Paypal only pls.

THANKS for checking me out! I can't wait to draw cool shit for you, AGAIN!!



Posted by Snackers - June 24th, 2019

Hey hey Newgrounds,

I've been doing a whole bunch of junk all over the place so I've decided to make a lil news post just to round stuff up. First off!


I helped my friend @Carmet with his new cartoon. I wrote some lil jokes and even did a terrible voice for it. Go watch it, it's great!

A Couple of Crickets

I was apart of the latest A Couple of Crickets podcast, it was a community episode where they had me and and a bunch of other cool people call in and do little interviews! PsychoGoldfish said it ruined everything he liked about the podcast, so that's how you know it's really good.


I released a tiny SuperMega animation last week, it's nothing much but I had fun making it. Also, it's frontpaged now? wtf? And ShoeNan is gone? god damn it newgrounds

I also released the intro to Duncan & Jones, that's nice.

Collabs, collabs, collabs

Christ I overdosed on these. I was apart of the Rawest Forest Collab which was pretty cool, and I'm also apart of an upcoming Ninja Sex Party collab, so look out for that.

That's it I think! I'm still working on Duncan & Jones, there really isn't anything new I can say about that, It's being made and it's taking forever, but it'll be out. Eventually.

I love you Newgrounds and also DRINK WATER!!


'' I've stories to tell that stay locked in my brain

And I don't know how I'll get them OUT''



Posted by Snackers - April 2nd, 2019

Hello NG, I am now doing commissions!



That's about it! Message me here on Newgrounds or check out my Twitter: https://twitter.com/tictacsnack/status/1113139385246081024

Thank you for checking me out and I look forward to drawing COOL SHIT for you!



Posted by Snackers - December 31st, 2018

Happy New Year's and all that NG!!

look forward to some juicy stuff from me in 2019, including my next cartoon, Duncan & Jones

Episode One of a new web series I'm doing, that's right, Episode One

remember this piece of shit I did back in December last year?



yeah I don't know what the fuck that is either, I made it and I still have no idea what I was thinking. the way you can't hear any of the voice acting and how there's virtually no sound effects and the ones that are there are way too loud. the reasoning behind all that actually is because I tried doing all the Sound FX in Flash back when I was doing it, but when I tried exporting it as a .SWF there was just too much shit in the flash file that it would not export. So I panicked and got rid of all .wav files (besides the voice acting) and downloaded this weird free piece of shit video editor thing that I didn't know how to use and did all the sound FX there.

And well I mean, you can see how all that turned out.

anyways, that cartoon is an embarassment that I would honestly rather just completely forget about, so chronologically I'll be counting it as Episode 0 of Duncan & Jones. the pilot, but not really even.


with that out of the way, now that I feel I'm better equipped as an animator and that I know more about this stuff in general now, I've been working on the animatic for THE REAL Duncan & Jones for about three months approx. now, and I just completed it earlier this month. I'm honestly very proud of it so far and I'm having alot of fun doing the animation. so far it stands to be about 7 minutes long, without the 45 seconds ish intro animation! my longest thingy yet..


 Some snippits from the animatic, please excuse the colours, Flash 8 never likes exporting nice colours into gifs for some reason


as I'm animating the first cartoon I've begun writing the second one, It's honestly the most fun shit, I love putting in all these jokes I've had in my head and writing these funny little stories and I can't wait for everyone to see them. I have to thank @HenryEYES and @Carmet for helping me animating and cleaning up some shots and making the production a bit faster.

my good friend @Thriftman is voicing Jones as always and @doggenhausen is voicing a new character too, they've both done fantastic jobs and they deserve your hugs and kisses.


Well anyways, that's about it. if you've read all this then thank you! and look forward to Duncan & Jones, debuting this year!


some crappy little poster I scribbled, I shouldn't have made the ''DUNCAN'' a red colour but FUCK IT


Posted by Snackers - November 21st, 2018

i'm like a day late lol but yeah guys thanks for coming, welcome to the bestw ebsite evr


its so cool seeing all the new artists, and ones I love come here, such as the girl reading this




everyone on this site is a rockstar


Posted by Snackers - September 23rd, 2018

My friends and I made a little indie art film, critics are calling it a cinematic gamechanger.

Take a peep.