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Lunar Kicks

Posted by Snackers - October 16th, 2021

My next cartoon is Lunar Kicks. It's about a man on the moon who works as a mechanic. Will be about 2 minutes.


Storyboards began in June. I spent that time taking photographs and finding references online to create the landscape and machinery of the world. The board went through 2 drafts and was completed by the end of July.

I started animation in August, and have about 1 minute and 20 seconds done as of writing this. It feels like I've been working on this for longer, but really I've only been animating for 3 months, which isn't so bad I suppose! You know I spent 8 months on Duncan & Jones? What? I can't remember any of that. What am I doing man? Wha-

I'm at the phase of this project where I've become hopeless and miserable about everything. It happens every time. Kicking myself in the foot for how much damn work I gave myself in the boards. But it's this pain that I know will make it worth it. I'm giving this cartoon everything I've got and as long as I'm making the kind of animation I want to see on Newgrounds, I'll sleep fine. It's gonna rock harder than anything I've made before AS USUAL so don't worry.

This project has been worked on for 5 months yet I only decided on an ending a few days ago! I've never shooken up my approaches and methods for a cartoon as much as I have with this one so hopefully it's pretty different than most anything I've made before. Things have been stressful lately, more than usual. Relaxing for me feels like trying to light a cigarette in the rain. I can never quite do it right.

I'm anxious, stressed and STILL CATCHING FEELINGS FOR LESBIANS!! Can you tell I'm an animator??

I've taken on a lot of work, including illustrating a children's book which should be coming out sometime in November. I'm a mess right now but if I survive this month I probably won't go insane. I got that Netflix Cowboy Bebop to look forward to as well god dayum uhh can you say kino??

I'm tired man. Thank you dearly everyone for lookin at my dumb shit. I hope my next cartoon will inspire you. Please keep making the things YOU want to see on Newgrounds and stay true to what you think is cool. Okay?


This pic goes so hard, feel free to screenshot




Fuck yeah dude, keep the passion going. All the blood, sweat, tears, and se-hard work will pay off in the end. A decade from now they'll be lookin' back at these entrees as the next new wave for Newgrounds, and we'll all be making let's plays LOL. Good luck man, if you need any help gimmie a ring. B^)

I must take up the mantle of irish newgrounder turned lets player. I cannot escape fate...

LETS GO SNACKERS! Keeping going man and looking forward to Lunar Kicks~!

thanks nelly!

That pic does go hard. Is that a OG SNES?

its the SNES mini thing that came out a few years ago

im literally so excited for lunar kicks man!!!! keep it up!!!

looks good snicggers

fuck did you just call me?!!?

i love sex, and i love snackers

Super cool, I'm looking forward to its completion :D
You can do it! I believe

That animation is lookin niiiice, can't wait to see what sorta short you come out with man

Hell yea gallow thank you

Dang takin trips to Honolulu electric boogalo part deux

Looking good

I wrote and produced and colored and drew and performed and voiced and calculated and funded and photographed and illustrated and created and composed and sponsored and animated and sketched and drafted this project solely by myself and snacker chad is taking credit!! Its true!!!.........

You're still a FRAUD BRITTANY!!!

Your animation looks great so far! I wish you the best of luck :]

Thanks kindly aero

I don’t like space but I’ll probably watch this

Hang in there, you're doing great! I'm really excited to see the children's book, and the cartoon. You're a talented little man : )

Don't get any goop stuck in your afro!

Don't worry its mainly spiders hangin around in there

looks pretty good so far

@DemisurgeX @Snackers oh cool. i got one of those

GREAT POST. Im really looking foward to the world youv made.

thanks sage, it's the kinda thing that I'd love to make multiple shorts about, but we'll see!

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I am the queen and princess and duchess and lady of fraud... And what about it?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!.....

i'm eagerly waiting for the final result

Snackers, you’re a flipping tripping zip zapping crazy insane o MacGyver Ace pet detective. I admire all the lovely creations you’ve stirred up over the years, your very ambitious and it’s nice to see you creating just anything. You are just one talented lad, I can barely finish a 30 second cartoon without getting burned out. It’s crazy that you can handle so much work. I’ve been busy with school and I just feel so melancholy about everything, everyday feels like Groundhogs Day. How do you stay afloat, you get so much stuff done but you gotta have stupid life stuff to deal with right? Then when I go home to doodle or anything I’m just exhausted to do anything and I just piss myself for being stupid and lazy. Shoot come on. I never have any pensive thoughts because everything is going so fast and everyday is just time wasted with ideas routing in my skull. Still your really inspiring and I hope everything is going good for you. I really like your sense of humor and you seem really nice when you talk. Also can’t wait to see the kids books, I love illustrations dog. Looking forward for the future and I hope you get a car and I hope everyone improves their craft. Whatever you do, do not catch sequelitis. I heard it’s contagious and may cause death. I did feel not so grump and now I’m feeling grump and I’m scared I caught sequelitis, hmmm might start a let’s play channel with my good friend John. What can possibly go wrong. Do I have sequelitis?…Nah!! That’s absurd. ( hopefully this isn’t foreshadowing). I saw Ridley Scott’s new movie called the last duel and it was pretty meh. It could’ve been better as a short film but it alright. But at the end there’s a really well choreographed fight and that was the best part of the movie hands down. It marked itself as a knight war film but it’s more of a drama then anything. It tries to make characters have different perspectives on a particular event so it rewinds itself three times. It’s the perfect movie to go to the bathroom and not miss anything. There’s only small differences between each perspective that doesn’t have any important effect on the movie what so ever. It could’ve been more interesting but it is based on a true story though. One last thing, how did you find that music?

Tiltro you should write a book or something. I could legit read your writing for hours. The answer to how I manage it all is that I don't really, nothing about how I work is really healthy and I don't recommend it. Me giving any advice on that kind of thing would be a terrible idea so sorry I have nothin lol. Go at your own pace, you're already killing it Tiltro. I'll keep away from sequilitis cuz I'm not really interested in let's play, though I heard streamin makes bank... uh anyway yeah I heard about that movie. Not interested in it particularly but I'd love to see more medieval fantasy movies out there. I'd love a new movie that looked like Highlander but was actually good. As for how I found that song, Wanda showed me that album after I got into Tally Hall and it's been bouncing around my head for a while. Next time I have a mental breakdown I'll try to remember to play that song and I'm sure it'll drive me over the edge

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